Happy Monday!

Hi everyone,
Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, but I have a post that will make your blues go away. Now, Mondays have never been my favorite day of the week, but I might just change my mind, now that I have decided to dedicate Mondays to all things Andy Williams. After all, no one can make my day better than he can. So, for your listening enjoyment, here is Kermit the Frog and Andy Williams singing together. Is there a more fabulous and amazing moment in television history? Just watch and decide for yourself! (This was the only clip I could find, so there are a few more scenes than just the singing. Just skip to the four minute mark, and you can hear it.)

All right, maybe that didn’t completely brighten your day. Or, maybe your day feels pretty good, but what about your week? Well, watch this next clip and just try to have a bad day. Go ahead, I dare you to not smile! And, yes, you should watch every single second of the nine minutes. It might be the most worthwhile thing you do all day!

Keep a song in your heart!
Andi Sinatra


Good morning, Starshine!

How can your day go wrong when this is the first song you hear? Like I said before Andy Williams had the ability to take a song that might be strange or mediocre and make it absolutely marvelous. For instance, I heard this song for the first time on the album Get Together with Andy Williams. And I instantly loved it. Normally, I wouldn’t care for this song, as it seems a bit strange and weird and almost like nonsense. But, when I heard Andy Williams sing it, I could hear this song as the perfect background music for a road trip during the summer. Just to show what I mean, here is Andy Williams singing Good Morning, Starshine.

You can hear all sorts of versions of this song on the Internet, but I bet that none of them have the happy, carefree sound of Andy Williams
Happy Monday!And keep a song in your heart!


The Voice

Doesn’t that title sound nice and dramatic? No, I am not talking about the television show, but my philosophy of what makes a great singer who will stand the test of time. Think about it. It doesn’t really matter what a person looks like as long as they can sing. Ella Fitzgerald was no size 2, but she is considered the First Lady of Song by many jazz enthusiasts and she has inspired so many people to sing like it is the last song on earth. Many men could not understand Frank Sinatra’s popularity, as according to them, he was not handsome at all. Of course, women thought that this attitude was silly and swooned whenever he opened his mouth and sang. Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about here are my top ten male singers. Many of them are not considered to be “dreamboats” (does anyone use that word anymore?) but their voices have the power to make you feel so many emotions all at once! Or is that just me? It’s quite ridiculous how easily I am influenced by a song. Whenever I hear a happy song, like “In the cool, cool, cool of the evening,” I immediately think that it is a summer evening and that I am the star of my own musical comedy! But, when I hear Andy Williams sing “Where’s this Place Called Lonely Street,” I feel like crying because he just sounds so lonely. How could anyone leave Andy on Lonely Street? Anybody else like that? No? Are you waiting for me to stop talking and listen to some music? Yes? Okay, then.  Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the greatest ten male voices of all time! (At least, according to Andi.)

10. Tony Bennett

Aren’t you glad that Tony Bennett is still alive? I certainly am.

9. Sarmmy Davis Jr.

Is there anybody alive today who is cooler than he is? I didn’t think so.

8.  Paul Simon

Some people might think that Paul Simon should not be included on this list. All I can say is that those people are wrong.  Just look and listen to him! And, to let you know, Paul Simon is really singing this song, although it looks like Chevy Chase is doing the singing. Also, this is my very favorite music video in the history of music videos. Just to show what kind of girl I am.

7.  Bobby Darin

Such a great singer! And he is on the Andy Williams show in this clip! No one has even tried to do this song like he does.

6. Mel Torme

He might not be considered the most handsome of men, but how can you resist his singing? He is rightfully considered one of the best jazz singers. And he can drum!

5. Bing Crosby

This list would be woefully incomplete without Bing. He was big before many of these people were in show business. He’s so great I had to include two videos. In the first one, he shows off his jazz and swing style with the one and only Louis Armstrong. In the next one,  his voice could rock you to sleep, it’s so gentle and rich.

4. Nat King Cole

What would the world be without this man? Hearing his Christmas album is one of my first childhood memories. It’s such a tragedy that he died so young, but at least we have his music to remember him by.

3. Johnny Mathis

Johnny was my first introduction to the world of standard music. I had been listening to it all my life, but one day when I was twelve, I heard this song and I understood why this music was the best. He is still one of my very favorites.

2. Frank Sinatra

What can I say about him that hasn’t already been said? I still swoon whenever I hear his voice. He was incredibly cool and stylish and his voice can send chills up your spine. He is truly the Chairman of the Board.

1. Andy Williams

I could only listen to only one artist for the rest of my life I would pick Andy Williams. His voice is one of the best in the business and he can sing almost every style of music incredibly well. His range was amazing and he put so much heart into his songs.

Oh, why don’t more people know more about him? Just listen to him! Not mention he had one of the coolest television shows ever! Don’t believe me? Just watch this video! Andy is the one on the right, just so you know. If you want to get to the music, hit about the 2:00 minute mark.

Okay, you’re still not convinced? How about this video. He can take the most mundane song and make it spectacular. Just watch.

Since he is my favorite, I need to add one more song. And, look, he is singing right to you!

Well, that was a long post, but I thought that it needed to be done. Not to worry, hardly any of my posts are going to be this long. However, they will have videos and Andy Williams will be mentioned at least once a week! Just thought I would let you know what to expect in the future.

And, as Lawrence Welk always said, “Keep a song in your heart!”